Friday, June 11, 2010

field day and up a tree....

today was 'field day' for the kids at school. thank goodness the sunshine made an appearance... it is rare around here these days.. luci begged that brian and i go. so i went. took a few pics and hid myself amongst the tall (as me) 5th graders as they were coming onto the field and managed to sneak away... the other photos are of our tree in the backyard.... for the love of blogger i can't figure out how to manage photos and text....urgh...might bite the $4.95a mo for typepad again...

lots of gav this upcoming week...he is graduating from elementary school into middle school!

Monday, June 7, 2010

what is NOT in pictures....

my house clean and smelling good all week, only to be destroyed by a family of 5 over the weekend. now to create that all over again today.

eli blu learning chopsticks.

having the missionaries over for dinner and something that can never be captured in a photo is the sweet Spirit they bring to your home.

all the hard work we have put into the yard but is yet worthy of pictures.

the dog sitting in one of my deck chairs which brought the kids to tears in laughter.

taking a long walk with meg around her new neighborhood gazing at everyones gardens

gav finished the series of percy jackson books so brian took him to eugene $1 theater to see the movie.

full cupboards of costco goodies...i have the best daddy ever.

my eyes rolling back into my head and quivers running through my body every time luci tells me how many days till she is a 1st grader.

having energy back (not all of it...i doubt i will earn all of it back) (ever).... taking care of my family is such a privilege

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

our weekend in pictures....

it was this good. we worked hard yet had enough down time too. yesterday brian bbq'd chicken and made a potato salad...not to mention the cookies above... what else could i ask for?

i've had one sick kid or another since thursday... quite an insight to summer coming and having little people around ALL of the time. sigh...

got my to-do list done for the day and am going to try to keep this creativity sparked and craft on!